the decorations of tết: red, red, red

Symbolizing good luck and happiness, the colour red can be found just about everywhere right now in Hanoi, and most notably on Hang Mã street. Some friends took me there the other night and we walked around as they told me all about their Tết traditions.


Even before this night, I would have said that Hang Mã street was one of my favourite places to walk around in Hanoi. It is always filled with decorations to suit the season and is full of activity. Seeing the street covered in red for Tết made me love it even more!

DSC_0253 DSC_0257-2 DSC_0259 DSC_0261 DSC_0290



tết trees and flowers

With Tết comes many decorations, each symbolizing luck, prosperity or something similar. One major component of Tết decorations are the trees and flowers.

Sometimes referred to as Tết trees, kumquat trees are used to decorate homes and offices to brighten things up! The fruits represent prosperity which the family hopes will come in the new year. The more fruit on the tree the better!

kumquat trees hoan kiem

Peach blossoms have quickly become my favourite Tết decoration. The vibrant pink of the papery petals adds so much colour to the city! Like kumquat trees, they are said to bring luck to the family.

peach blossoms tet peach blossoms

Both trees play a similar role to a Christmas tree, and greeting cards and good luck symbols such as this one are often hung from them.


This peach blossom tree is the first thing I see every morning when I walk into work at the Vietnam Women’s Union.

VWU peach blossom tree

So hooray for Tết trees and flowers brightening up the city and bringing warm weather with them!

it’s beginning to look a lot like Tết

Over the past few weeks, the streets of Hanoi, particularly in the Old Quarter, have been beautifully decorated to prepare for the New Year.

Here’s a glimpse at what it looks like!

hoan kiem tet night Hoan Kiem Tet hoan kiem bridge hoan kiem lake hoan kiem lake tet hoan kiem flowers

This area has been full of activity with friends and families walking around, stopping to take pictures, and simply celebrating the coming of the New Year. I myself have spent every night this week here, walking around and enjoying the atmosphere.