I couldn’t have described this any better myself. Since Christian and I live together, these sounds are all relevant to my daily life in Hanoi.

Venturing Vietnam

When I have told stories here, I have realized that I have not been engaging the senses of readers as much as I could or should be. Vietnam is a visually, auditory, and stimulatory complex and engaging place, with a wide variety of pleasant and unpleasant sights, smells, sounds, feelings, tastes, temperatures, walking surfaces, and places to visit. From this point forward, I will be consciously attempting to include much more painted accounts of these realities in my blog posts, in order to offer a more complete visual of each experience and better represent the stories that I choose to share.

However, I am not going to paint a perfect picture for the senses and how they represent Hanoi in this particular post. I am instead going to focus on just one – sound – and joke around about some of the things about this sense that never fail to…

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say that I am loving this blog. I may be moving to Vietnam in 7 or 8 weeks to teach ESL with a school based in Ottawa (where I currently am). I will be bringing my dog and in general, am just really excited about it. So, please keep blogging regularly, I’m loving it!

    • Hi Susan! thank you! that is really kind of you. I have really been enjoying my time in Vietnam. Maybe a little too much, and that’s why I haven’t really kept up with posting. Now that I know someone other than my mom reads this blog, I will try to post more! I think if you have the opportunity to come to Vietnam you should give it a try! it really is an exciting place. If you want to know about anything specifically feel free to ask and I can try my best to give you some insight. all the best.

      • Hi Heather, thanks for the reply. I did get the job, so I believe I will be in Hanoi in about six weeks. So exciting! The one thing I wanted to ask is if you could keep your eyes open about where people walk their dogs and if you see any yarn stores. The two things I am bringing with me are my knitting needles and my dog (wow this makes me sound like an old lady. I’m 29 I swear! haha). Thanks so much for any advice you have!

      • Congratulations! haha dog walking is funny here. People often let their dog run beside them while they ride on their motorbike. I’ve been trying to get a picture for you, but they go so fast! Mostly I have just seen people walking their dogs on the sidewalk/street (you aren’t really allowed to walk on any green space). There is a lot of yarn available! Đinh Liệt street in the Old Quarter has a great variety, and I believe there is a store on Đội Cấn street that probably has some higher quality yarn available. There is a really great website called The New Hanoian (http://tnhvietnam.xemzi.com/en). It is a place for expats and locals to discover and review different places and you can search for pretty much anything you are looking for in Hanoi on the site (there are even craft clubs!). And there is also http://hanoigrapevine.com/ which highlights the fun cultural things going on in Hanoi!

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