blogging makes me anxious, but then again, so do most things.

I have finally mustered up enough courage to write my first blog post. I have been contemplating this post, and potential future posts, for months now. Realizing that I must openly express my opinions and feelings where they can be easily viewed by anyone makes me nervous. Beyond nervous, actually. Whatever that means. But here it is anyway.

Starting in September, I will be fortunate enough to be an intern at the Vietnam Women’s Union in Hanoi for eight months. The Vietnam Women’s Union is one of the world’s longest running national organizations advocating on behalf of women. It is dedicated to securing and protecting the legitimate rights of women and striving for gender equality.  The Vietnam Women’s Union focuses on women’s experience and involvement in the areas of economics, society, health, environment and science, sport, and the intersection of gender and development. Striving to promote the independence of Vietnamese women across all levels of society, the Vietnam Women’s Union assists women in economic development and job creation, and participates in the development and implementation of laws and policies on gender equality. So basically, they are doing incredible work in the fight for women’s rights! Given that I have a strong interest in gender issues and a passion to work in this field in the future, the skills I gain from this opportunity are sure to be invaluable.

This blog will be a way for me to share the excitement and inevitable anxiety that I will experience as I prepare to travel to Vietnam. It will also allow me to document my adventures once I finally arrive in Hanoi. I can’t wait to begin this life-changing journey!


First blog post: complete.

That wasn’t so bad, right?


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